Why Choose Labour Hire Over Internal Hire?

Your office is shorthanded. You need a new employee to fill a position right away. You post your job
opening and wait a few weeks for candidates to apply. Then, you spend days sorting through resumes. After
you've narrowed down the candidates, you spend weeks or even months interviewing.

Meanwhile, your office is still shorthanded, and you're behind on your own work.

You could go through all the steps above, or you could turn to a labour hire company to do the work for
you. There are several reasons why hiring through a labour hire company is superior to hiring internally.

Saves Time and Money

If you hire internally, consider all the steps you'll need to take and how long they'll take:

  • 1-3 weeks: Post the job and wait for applicants.
  • 1-5 days: Look through resumes and narrow down candidates.
  • 1-3 weeks: Ask candidates to take additional tests or conduct phone interviews.
  • 1-3 weeks: Conduct in-person interviews.
  • 1-5 days: Inform candidates of results.

This hiring process works well, but it's incredibly time-consuming. It may take months before you settle
on a candidate.

During the time you spend in the hiring process, you lose hours you should have spent working on your own
projects. This causes your business to lose money. In fact, the American Staffing Association estimates that
it costs up to 20 percent of the new employee's salary just to find them!

Consider a different route-hiring an employee through a labour hire company.

In this case, the company does almost all the work. They have access to many contract employees that have
worked for a variety of industries. You simply tell the labour hire company what position you need filled and
for how long. Then, they'll find an employee that fits your needs.

When you work with a labour hire company, you could have a new employee within a week. This meets your
company's needs quickly and prevents you from losing valuable work hours as you look for a candidate.

Helps You Find the Right Candidate

When you hire internally, you must rely on your candidate's word. You trust that the experience and skills
they record in their resume are accurate. You trust that the pleasant personality they portray in the
interview is the same personality they'll portray in the workplace. Sometimes, you might make a hiring
mistake-but you can't let the new employee go without serious repercussions.

A labour hire company can help you avoid hiring mistakes. The company knows their employees well. They
keep track of the jobs they've performed in the past and how well they've performed. And if the employee they
send doesn't fit what you're looking for, you simply don't hire the employee after his or her temporary work
is complete.

If you'd like to fill senior executive positions, you want to feel particularly certain you choose the
right candidate. Labour hire companies can handle that, too. They have access to highly qualified workers
they can place in these positions.

Leads to Experienced Permanent Employees

Perhaps you avoid labour hire companies because you want a permanent employee, not a temp. However,
working with a labour hire company can help you find a permanent employee and help you
feel more confident of your new employee's success.

You can inform the temp worker that their position could turn into a full-time job if they're a good fit
for the company. Once you see them actually working on the job, you can determine whether they'll meet your
company's needs. If they do, you can offer them a full-time position. This process creates an easier
transition for everyone since the employee already has experience doing the job.

If you need a new employee right away, turn to a labour hire company. They can save you time and money and
help you find the right candidate.